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Vatican-whore of Babylon. Catholic church-Thyatira Who is the woman riding the beast? Some Bible commentaries suggest the Beast to be something to do with Ancient Rome or Nero. Such theories are not even possible, because immediatly following would've been the second coming of Christ & Judgement day, which did not materialise. It's today we see these things happening, so we need to apply the scripture to today's entities. The woman is described as "that great city which rules over the kings of the Earth" Rev17:18. Which contains God's people ("come out of her my people" Rev 18:4). Those two things & other references mentioned later make her Vatican city. Ancient Babylon & Vatican city are essentially the same.

Look at the coin, There are twelve stars around the edge as the woman in Revelation 12 Rev 12:1, who gave birth to the Saints Rev 12:17 & who has the Moon under her feet. The babylonian Moon deity was called Sin, (meaning she had Sin under her feet). The woman at this stage refers to the very early church because Jesus said while he was here that it was time for Satan (who persues the Woman) to be cast down Jhn 12:31. Also Roman involvement fits this time & the twelve stars crowning her the twelve Apostles Dan 12:3. Knowing these things we know that the male child born of the Woman (the early Church) is not Jesus, but somebody else born of the spirit who was attacked by the Dragon & ascended to the throne of God Rev 12:5. The Bible appears to be refering to the wilderness as anywhere previously unchristian. The flood - nations peoples & tongues Rev 17:15

Later in Revelation the woman is fallen from grace & has become the "Whore of Babylon" note that she has her dress lowered on the coin to "ride" the beast. The central church administration at Rome began well. They of course are the root of the many churches we see today & originaly decided which scripture went into the Bible & which didn't. However reading about the woman in Revelation 12 & then later at the end times, there is a big difference, we find the Holy See in very serious trouble.

The fornication with the kings of the earth Rev 17:2 would seem to be the abuse of Turin Shroud DNA at STOQ by Pope Pius XII, obviously not appreciating the Holiness of the body Act 2:31. The Golden cup in the Womans hand can be explained by the golden cups containing the blood of Christ used in communion. The cup is filled with the filthiness of her fornication Rev 17:4. It was Jesus Holy blood used for genetic experimentation, which would've involved all manner of disgusting things. We only have to look at what Mengeler was doing in Genetics at Auschwitz.

There is obvious hatred from post war Nazi Germany in the 1948 5 Mark note. Also the Modern Nazis on the EU imagery. This hatred Identifies them as Horns of the Beast (which hate the whore & make her naked Rev 17:16). The Italian Christian Democrats provided seats 665 where lone German Sabine zissener sat & 666, left vacant, but would they promote such imagery if the Vatican commanded the EU? The Tower building Parliament was funded by the UK & Germany only. For some reason the Vatican is co-operating still despite being hated.

The main reasons given in Revelation for the demise of the Vatican are:

The ungodly there Rev 18:2, this documentary provides evidence of KGB posing as priests for example. www.flixya.com/...ns-Revealed
The Desecration of the Holy blood. Rev 18:3
The resulting global turmoil following the above. Rev 18:3
Abundance of delicacies Rev 18:3

The bulk of the rest can be found in Isaiah 47 & Revelation 17-18

It's true about everyone will want an agent in the Vatican because of the influence they have on our world leaders. But unless you find a Catholic priest at an expensive resturant praising Mengeler's contribution to science in a Russian accent, they are probably innocent. What does Christ mean when he says "come out of her my people"? does he mean the Catholic religion is all wrong? why would he say "my people" if that was true? & why not mention the idolatry & other things the Catholic religion is usualy beaten up for? He is saying come away from the Vatican because you are in danger (be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues Rev 18:4). Furthermore the evidence points to the Catholics being the church of Thyatira yhwh.web.officelive.com/...), who are given control of Christ's kingdom to come.

Son of Perdition

What do we know about him? The only other son of perdition was Judas Joh 17:12, so we are looking for a present day Judas. Judas was called into Apostleship & betrayed Jesus. The modern day Judas will sit in the house of God exhalting himself above all that is called God (The Father & Jesus) & that is worshipped (Holy) 2Th 2:4. Look again at Pope Pius in the picture above. Who could betray Jesus any more than him? His actions betray his heart I am creator of life & Father of Jesus The blood & body of Christ are the most Holy things on Earth, given for the saving of our souls yet he does not understand. What did this man know of God? Is the choice of Father Christmas type robe for the potrait a coincidence? no matter, Pope Pius XII is the Son of Perdition.

Ancient Babylon

Ancient Babylon's destruction was spoken of in Jeremiah 51. However Isaiah 13's Babylon is at the end of the world isaiah 13:10-13 as is Revelation's. If the bible called the Vatican the Vatican, they would've called it something else. She is the same as Babylon in the sins pointed out & so is called Babylon.

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