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DVD №13 с материалами о свободной энергии от форума www.X-FAQ.ru




Структура 13-го диска:

   Trust Us We're Experts Rampton Stauber.djvu
   What Is Your Dangerous Idea Brockman.djvu
   (Earthscan) Implementing The Climate Regime International Compliance (2005).pdf
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   Adjudicating Climate Change - State, National, And International Approaches.pdf
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   Climate, Affluence, And Culture (Culture And Psychology).pdf
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   Club Of Rome First Global Revolution.pdf
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   Exploring Environmental Issues An Integrated Approach.pdf
   Facts On File A Change In The Weather Apr 2004.pdf
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   Global Warming And Our Changing Climate R20060803b.pdf
   Global Warming Starts With You And You, And You, And You R20070807f.pdf
   Global Warming What Do I Care R20070807l.pdf
   Green Collar Economy - How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems - Van Jones.pdf
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   Imperial College Press Advances In Earth Science From Earthquakes To Global Warming Jun 2007.pdf
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   Ipcc-Safeguarding Ozone Layer 2006.pdf
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