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Революционный двигатель Jims


J.I.M.S. Motor Information

The J.I.M.S. engine (shown above), is the most revolutionary engine to be released to the public in recent years. Since the current means of power is the combustion engine, we will try to describe the differences comparing it to the V-8 engine.

 The V-8 engine generates 4 cylinder “firings” per revolution. The J.I.M.S. engine generates 24 cylinder “firings” per revolution. The use of the word firing is for comparison purposes as the J.I.M.S. engine does not “fire” in the sense of burning fuel.

 The average torque for the V-8 engine is 225-400 lbs, the torque for the J.I.M.S. engine is estimated to be in excess of 100,000 lbs*.

 The average V-8 engine has 137 moving parts (not counting all the moving parts in the distributor and carburetor), and the J.I.M.S. engine has 5.

 V-8 engines run at an average rpm range of 800 to 4000 and the J.I.M.S. engine is designed to run at 50 to 700 rpms.

 Due to the lack of combustion firings and moving parts, the estimated life expectancy of the motor is 1,000,000+ miles.

 Due to the lack of moving parts, we anticipate servicing and/or rebuilding of the motor to be a fraction of current motor expenses.

 * The horsepower and torque will vary, based on the actual PSI and gallons per minute that are used to drive the motor.


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